Who We Are

As more and more people travel each year, it’s imperative more than ever before that we strive to be more responsible travelers. At Eco Community Tours, responsible travel is at the very heart of what we stand for.
Our trips are specifically crafted to get you immersed in the destinations you visit while improving yourself and the local community. It could be planting a tree in the places you visit, interacting with locals and learning how to speak their language or how to prepare local dishes, or simply shopping locally.
In a nutshell, scratching beneath the surface and getting invaluable insights into our cultures, our history, our people, and our flora and fauna is what traveling with Eco Community Tours is all about.
While our roots lie in Rwanda, our scope ranges comfortably beyond the country’s borders, stretching to other countries in the East African region: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
And in all our trips to these countries, we place a high importance on educating you about the local people and inspiring you to be a more socially and environmentally cognizant traveler.
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